There are three different runs for each day: Agility, Jumping, and DSO-Run.

 Agility and DSO-Run are taking place in the riding hall, Jumping will be held on the outdoor circle.

The ranking lists of the Agility and Jumping will be written on a daily basis for each category and size.

The DSO-Run will be held as followed:

  • DSO-Junior-Run: LA&L1, M1, S1
  • DSO-Run: L2&L3, M2&M3, S2&S3

There will be a different course for DSO-Junior-Run and DSO-Run.

There will be a winner in each categorie for DSO-Junior runs and also for DSO-Cup runs:

  • DSO-Junior-Cup:
    • LA&1
    • M1
    • S1
  • DSO-Cup:
    • L2&3
    • M2&3
    • S2&3

10 % of all starting teams will get a price  (at least the top five of every categorie).